Wet Rooms

What is a Wetroom?

The basic definition of a wetroom is a bathroom where the floor is barrier-free, but more recently it has become a reference for luxury and is a must for any modern bathroom design. The walls and floor of a wetroom are completely sealed to prevent any water leakage and the floor is specially designed to aid the effective removal of waste water.

The Benefits of Wetrooms

Wetrooms provide easy access for disabled family members or the elderly and young as the lack of edges, lips or shower trays means that the risk of falling is minimised. Wetrooms can also be designed to be totally ‘open plan’ without glass shower panels which greatly simplifies the cleaning process and creates a minimalist, contemporary style.

Wetroom Flooring

The basis of a safe and successful wetroom installation is its flooring. The flooring needs to be non-slip and provide a suitable gradient so that excess water drains away without leaving puddles.

Waterproofing the Wetroom

Waterproofing or ‘tanking’ the wetroom is essential to stop unwanted leaks. However good the tiling is, over time water will always find a way through the grout and tiles, potentially causing damage requiring costly repairs. The wetroom is tanked by installing a waterproof layer before laying the floor tiles. Depending on requirements and the size of the room, the whole of the walls and floor may be tanked, just the floor or an appropriately sized area around the shower.

Wetroom Screens

Although called a wetroom, it may be desirable to have a ‘dry’ area within your bathroom. If this is the case a shower screen can be installed to stop water escaping from the ‘wet’ area. A wide variety of styles including curved and opaque glass are available.

The Finishing Touches

Once the room is prepared, the floor gradient created, waterproofing completed and tiling done, the finishing touches can be added to the design. Taps, shower fittings, grates and towel rails can be specified in a great number of styles, the only limit being your imagination and budget!

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